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Editorial By: Narayani Ganesh
Narayani Ganesh

Blackie was a dog who lived in Kodaikanal, a hill station in the Western Ghats. She went missing a year ago. She was a very pleasant dog but would bark her head off at any hint of intrusion. And she was never sick unless she stepped on a sharp object or got grazed by a speeding vehicle when she disappeared on one of her jaunts.Blackie would position herself against the bark of one or other of the old trees that dotted the grounds of the household where she lived. She wasn’t looking for shade,...

Lockdown slowdown

Editorial By: Radhanath Swami
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Editorial By: Radhanath Swami
Radhanath Swami

The world we live in is beset with dualities — pleasure and pain. A wise man is one who is not embarrassed by pain and who is not elated by pleasure, says the Bhagwad Gita, 2.56. The Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic slowdown is an adverse situation for all of us. Rama also faced an adverse situation — he was exiled to the forest. Rama dealt with this adverse situation in the following ways:Count blessings: Rama considered the exile an opportunity to live close to nature; a respite...

Protective Ring

Editorial By: Meena Om
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Editorial By: Meena Om
Meena Om

Use the Lakshmana Rekha, fire ring from the Ramayana, to protect yourself from fear and negativity, says Meena OmIt is necessary to understand old contexts and symbols in a new light, so that we can benefit from their hidden truths. All facts and statements in ancient scriptures were written keeping in mind knowledge and wisdom of human psychology and the science of body, mind and soul. This is the mula bindu, core essence, of Bharat’s Vedic culture that many are trying to understand through...

Calm and peaceful

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Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

How can we find peace when daily news is information filled with things that upset us, trouble us, or put us into a state of fear? Those with a compassionate and sensitive heart feel the pain and suffering that others experience.How can we find peace when there is so much sorrow in the world? We can decide whether to focus on what is negative or on what is positive. One solution is to fill ourselves with the peace already within us. It is free from problems of the outer world, like a sea of...

Editorial By: Jaya Row Mumbai
Jaya Row Mumbai

When things go as planned, we feel comfortable. But when life throws a curveball, it creates anxiety and stress. The current Covid-19 pandemic has pulled the carpet from under our feet. It has increased uncertainty over the economy, employment, finances, relationships, and, of course, physical and mental health. Yet as human beings, we crave security. Fear and diffidence make you powerless and drain you emotionally.??Many people can tolerate some levels of uncertainty in life. Some enjoy...

Editorial By: Pranav Khullar
Pranav Khullar

?As one struggles to make sense of what is happening all around in these trying, pandemic times, one is struck by the way Nature is healing itself by creating a new blueprint of life. It is a call to all to a simpler way of life and values, a call to self-reliance, a call to end the mad rush to nowhere.I relive Schumacher’s classic ‘Small is Beautiful’, that put people at the centre of policies and focused on the need to rebuild economies around communities and not merely big...

Look At Social Distancing As Sadhana

Editorial By: V S KRISHNAN
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Editorial By: V S KRISHNAN

Among the many saints who have appeared in Tamil Nadu, Ramalinga Swamigal, popularly known as Arut Prakasa Vallalar, stands out as a spiritual leader with a difference.? He founded a universal religion, where no human is discriminated on the ground of caste, colour or creed, where God is perceived as Jyoti, the effulgent Light.? His philosophy, called Suddha Sanmargam, path of purity, truth and perfection, is based on universal brotherhood, where peace, goodwill and harmony prevail. He held up...

Editorial By: JANINA GOMES

JANINA GOMES admits that the lockdown period combined with a bad fall opened her eyes to the need for widening one’s perspective Confined to bed for more than two months after a nasty fall, I began to see the whole of my life in perspective. Integrating my past with the present and planning for a richer future, I realised how important it was to expand my horizons, to read and experience more, to act lovingly every moment and to live by my values and principles.From my vantage point in bed, I...


Blog By: Shakti Durga
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Blog By: Shakti Durga
Shakti Durga

One of the most challenging areas in relationships can be setting boundaries and then sticking to them. Some boundaries are internal, and the person we are negotiating with is the competing parts of our own internal drives and consciousness. Some boundaries are external, like the ones you set with housemates about domestic chores, or what’s ok in an intimate relationship. ?????????????????? Living in the current time with such extreme social restrictions, boundaries...