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Integrated Intelligence for a New World

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Integrated Intelligence is the holistic understanding, inclusive of emotional and spiritual factors, offered by the collective consciousness, in which all life-forms, interactive energy waves and mother earth are stakeholders. It helps us manage a peaceful inner life and create the possibility of satisfaction and contentment.

How do we perceive the existence of consciousness? In Material Science we understand objects around us with the expression of energy and physical attributes. But the source of energy is not seen. We accept it by effect. In Spiritual Science, cognition, emotion, awareness and consciousness work on the basis of “praan” force. We can see this by its effect too. Let us understand how this works.

If we cut off oxygen or nutrition to a human body, it will stop functioning. We call it death. After we cut off electricity to a machine, it will stop. But reconnecting electricity will restart the machine. The body-mind-self or living things are not like that. Reintroducing oxygen or nutrition will not make a body function again after death. There is an independent life-force, which Vedic science calls praan, which is beyond the control of our mechanism.

Now all humans, and in fact all life-forms exhibit this quality of praan, on which their physical life is dependent.

Once that life force leaves, it cannot be brought back. praan is omnipresent. It functions everywhere equally. We have deduced that it is energy since it is the cause of actions. All energy comes from a source This is well-understood in Material Science too. Energy must have a Source. We may call this source the Supreme or God. If we can believe in magnetism without seeing its source but simply through its physical effects, the same applies to praan. We can see its effects in life-forms all around us, unexplained by Material Science. This acceptance of praan and its Source is key to developing Trust. We trust in other people, because we share common values, similarly we need to trust in the eco-system, of which we are all equally integral parts and we need to trust in the Source of all life-force, omnipresent and all-providing cause of everything..

Neither can we ignore oxygen, nutrition and physical factors, nor can we overlook praan, trust and the source. We are dependent on both. We have to be surrendered to both, physical factors and praanic force in every action and decision that we take.

One of the most important indicators of the existence of Supreme Consciousness is the way our ecosystem, planet, and the universe apparently manage themselves. There are innumerable factors that need to be kept in balance for life-systems to survive. This is possible only because of the presence of a great consciousness, or a supreme intelligence that keeps everything in equilibrium. Both the design and sustenance of the universe are proof of a Supreme Creator and Controller. A section of modern scientists call this “the theory of Intelligent Design”.

Based on the above explanations we can say the following. The intelligence we have developed to understand and control the material world, based on electromagnetic force, gravity and nuclear interaction, I will categorize as Material or Artificial Intelligence. The intelligence we need to understand cognition and life-force (praan), based on consciousness, I will categorize as Integrated Intelligence. It takes into account Natural Intelligence (of the living ecosystem) as well as Artificial Intelligence. However, Artificial Intelligence can only be developed by beings that have Integrated Intelligence. Thus, Material understanding is dependent on praanic understanding. The man who creates AI is only able to do that because he is living on praanic force. Therefore, Integrated Intelligence is the origin of Artificial Intelligence. The balance of the world has gone very far towards AI, denying and ignoring our Integrated existence, and this has caused a huge imbalance in our value systems, economic systems and ecological systems. Our cultural values have shifted base from Integrated Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence causing all these problems.

In practical life we imagine praan as grace and we call its effects ‘blessings’. We call the Source of praan ‘God’. Our free will and non-material capacities of the frontal brain along with material aspects like abilities and tools of the body have, helped us develop things like the arts, dance, music and so many forms of subtle expression as well as ‘higher’ emotions like love. These help us expand our perspectives and help take us closer to a holistic, all-encompassing or true perception. All this became an inseparable part of our integrated lives that considers the material and spiritual at the same time. Through awareness, cognition and other expressions of praan we were able to understand relationships between self and environment, without the help of material science, and later developed Artificial Intelligence. Einstein’s theories of special relativity and the famous equation E=mc2, that advanced the material sciences, were acquired through intuition at first, without proofs, and only later proved through experiments.

People misunderstand the spiritual pursuit. They think that when you have chosen to live spiritually, seeking consciousness, which is the source and then you have to shun the material world and its comforts. Similarly, when people are following a materially successful path, they feel they should avoid spiritualism because they will have to give up their material life. Both these concepts are not true. Real success in human life is in integrating the two ideas. We may find that people who have a lot of money sometimes think that love doesn’t matter. Sometimes we see people who are so confident of their money that they believe they will be loved anyway. It is their money being loved, and this does not lead to satisfaction. We need love that is not dependent on the material. When we fall in love with how someone looks, it is not love. The senses of one person are attracted to the shapes of another. This is an example of how a person has allowed themselves to be overpowered by animal instincts and senses.

In Ayurveda, a Vaidya (doctor) with a need to cure a patient must go to a medicinal plant with reverence. He is aware that the plant is alive and has an entity and will. He may ask for the bark or branches etc. to give to a patient to cure him. But this communication with the plant or tree is necessary. It is also important to really feel for the tree when you are asking it to offer its parts. You should understand that it may not be good for the tree but you are doing it to save someone else. That tree has an equal status and we need to respect it in our minds and realize that the tree has the capacity to understand and be willing to help. It is we who have lost the consciousness to communicate with the tree and conceive its entity. When we truly accept trees as communicating entities, we will automatically stop the deforestation of the earth and use natural resources with utmost care in a sustainable manner.

When modern society began to chase only material comforts the world began to lose its balance. Our journey is no longer based on travelling equally on both fronts for holistic satisfaction. Once we have gone on to the material path and rejected the spiritual, we have slowly lost value for everything. Without Trust in the Supreme, that encompasses all of existence, we cannot have value for anything. The rejection of God is slowly followed by the rejection of good values too. First, we rejected the supreme source. We then stopped having respect for teachers, elders and parents. Then we rejected the elements and natural entities, the oceans, mountains, trees and then the animals. All of it is simply treated as material meant to be used by us. It has no aspect of spirituality or love. We treat human beings like any other commodity and justify the exploitation of people. We also exploit each other and our relations. Therefore, we do not find peace anymore, as a society or as individuals. There are people who have a deep reverence and consideration for the ecosystem and respect both Nature and the Supreme. But they are negligible in the world population. Some people may want to live by trust and consciousness but are swept away by the larger trend of materialism in the world.

Exploitation now exists in all ways around us. So, we need to help each other and ourselves against being exploited. We need to realize and accept the source of life and consciousness. We need to join a practice or a community or group that can bring back the importance of consciousness. We need contentment in the consciousness-driven fields of human life. Any approach that considers only material existence will not be able to provide this solution.

Modern lifestyles and exclusive reliance on Material Sciences have built a seemingly beautiful looking world. But this materially excessive world does not offer us satisfaction or human connection. The Material basis for everything has resulted in us becoming more greedy, arrogant and aggressive due to dissatisfaction. We have begun to practice animal instincts, using strength and establishing rights of possession. We do this to create spheres of control, individually and through social institutions. Naturally, this has led us to forget our true identities and the purpose of our existence as human beings. The result is the state of the world as we see it today. This entire structure of society without values is about to collapse, except perhaps a few notable outstanding institutions. We have the rare opportunity, in a crisis like this, to change our perception and follow a more positive way of life. If we continue to promote AI without a balanced advancement on the spiritual side i.e. if we do not move forward based on Integrated Intelligence, the result will only be further deterioration and breakdown. Instead, we must now turn to a life that is all-inclusive and purposeful, to create a new world based on Integrated Intelligence. It seems the Supreme Consciousness wishes the same of us. We may need to revive some useful systems from this wreckage, and rediscover holistic practices. But most importantly we need to encourage people to live with love, trust and an unshakeable conviction in positive karma that includes nature and is aimed at achieving both material and spiritual progress for the entire planet and the universe.

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