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Protective Ring

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Use the Lakshmana Rekha, fire ring from the Ramayana, to protect yourself from fear and negativity, says Meena Om

It is necessary to understand old contexts and symbols in a new light, so that we can benefit from their hidden truths. All facts and statements in ancient scriptures were written keeping in mind knowledge and wisdom of human psychology and the science of body, mind and soul. This is the mula bindu, core essence, of Bharat’s Vedic culture that many are trying to understand through natural and scientific healing procedures and their countless derivative techniques. Such widespread demand for courses on techniques of meditation and healing, is evidence of this growing trend. But pure knowledge and wisdom are kalyankari, for the welfare and deliverance of all, or else, like in the case of Ravana abducting Sita, distorted thinking can affect one’s mental balance.

In Treta Yuga, before going in search of Rama, Lakshmana drew a protective ‘fire ring’ around their hut in the forest — referred to as Lakshmana Rekha — as Sita would be alone.

He asked Sita not to violate the sanctity of the protected area designated by him; not to cross it under any circumstance, because that would mean inviting misfortune. By drawing the fire ring of protection, Lakshmana became free from the worry of any unfortunate happening and proceeded to do his duty. Even today, we use the beautiful symbol of the fire ring in meditation to get rid of mental tensions, so that we can be free of stress. Fire Ring Meditation helps protect us from worry, anxiety, negativity and thoughts of unwanted and unexpected fears. The process is as follows:

Sit comfortably, cross-legged in a trikonatmak mudra, triangular form, and close your eyes.

Concentrate on the inhaling and exhaling of breath. Breathe in all the beauty and perfection and exhale all imperfections and negativity.

Fill your entire being with golden light.

Now, keeping a distance of two feet from your body, draw an imaginary circle around yourself.

Then feel as if mild, beautiful flames are coming out of it — very comfortable, not very hot, beautiful, yellow-orange flames. Feel their warmth, as if you are surrounded by a bonfire, a circle of fire. Now feel that nothing negative can cross this fire ring and that you are secure and peaceful like the Buddha.

Assure yourself completely that nothing negative, painful or hurtful can cross this fire ring and touch you. You are completely safe within this Lakshmana Rekha.

Pray with gratitude and open your eyes. Repeated reminders of the existence of this circle, along with constant remembrance of the Supreme helps in making a person free of fear.

You can use this fire ring when you go out of the house and you can also use it around your home. This armour of the Lakshmana Rekha can be drawn again and again in dhyana, whenever one is paranoid, doubtful and disturbed. If it is made once in the morning in dhyana, the rest of the day then can be spent in experiencing bliss. Lakshmana Rekha Prabhu ki bhujaain; sada hee devein suraksha, karuna, daya, mamta; jahan bhi jab bhi jo koi dhyain — ‘Lakshmana Rekha, the arms of the Supreme; forever giving security, compassion, piety and affection; wherever whenever anyone remembers.’



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